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Обучение эротический массаж студия массажа для женщин галины лав обучение.


Fixing of injections (impacts). Long time it was carried out only visually by four assistants of the main judge, settled down on the different parties from fencing paths. In 1936 for the first time the rules were introduced on which injections in duels of fencers began to register by means of an electroclamp. Later these rules were specified and supplemented. In 1957 similar system is entered in competitions on rapiers, and in 1988 - on sabres.

At operation of an electroclamp the light signal is lit: in a duel the fact of hit is marked. Only these signals can form the basis for award of an injection. The referee can and not include the injection registered by an electroclamp - in case it has been put with infringement of rules.

Fights on swords are approached to conditions of a real duel. The spot for an injection is received by the one who earlier (within the limits of 0,04-0,05 sec) will amaze the rival: similar advantage is defined by means of an electroclamp. At a smaller interval injections are set off to both contenders (except for situations when similar injections are put in the end of a duel at the equal account).

That the electroclamp has registered an injection a sword, pressure upon a tip of the weapon should make 7,35 Newtons (750 g). After a command «Stop!» injections (impacts) are not set off - except for cases when process of drawing of an injection (impact) has begun before a command.

Course and timing of a duel, definition of the winner. Before the beginning of a duel (and also the second both third round - and additional minute) contenders stay on a line of an initial position, having turned to each other sideways - so that one leg was ahead of another (thus the forward leg should be behind a line of an initial position), - having directed the weapon aside the opponent and having allocated a free hand back.

The duel begins on a command of the judge - and proceeds until the command «Stop!» or a special signal announcing the expiration of time of fight (round) will not be distributed. The duel renews only on a command of the judge.

In case of charge of a spot contenders come back to initial positions, and at a stop of fight without award of an injection renew it from that place where it has been stopped (except for a situation when the «penalty in 1 meter» is appointed).

In a duel of fencers «pure time» is timed i.e. time intervals between commands of the judge to the beginning (continuation) and a stop of fight.

In a final stage of competitions individual duels share on three 3-minute roundes with a minute break between them. (In case when someone from participants of fight is traumatized, the 10-minute break can be made for rendering him medical aid: if after a break the injured fencer cannot - under medical indications - continue the fight, he is debarred from a duel, in command competitions, the place of the injured sportsman is borrowed by the spare participant of a command).

Wins the sportsman, who takes 15 points the first (or more at the moment of the expiration of time of a duel). At neutral - by the moment of the termination of fight - the account one more minute is added, and struggle goes up to the first injection. So-called «priority» is played preliminary: sortition is conducted which define the winner in case anybody from contenders cant split in added minute.

At a preliminary stage the fight goes up to 5 injections and no more than 3 minutes.

In command competitions each fencer should lead a duel with each of three participants of a command-competitor. Thus, the match between two commands consists of 9 individual duels. Thus the first fight comes to an end after achievement of one of the parties of result in 5 points, the second - 10, etc. up to 45 points.