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About fencing

Fencing approaches everyone, in fact, to win isn’t necessarily to have huge force and an athletic constitution. First of all fencing is a non-standard way of thinking - ability to notice an opportunity and to take advantage of her in time. Not in vain fencing is named «a chess in movement» - it’s more fascinatingly than billiards, bowling or paintball, it’s more safe than karate or boxing (contacts in fencing on swords are practically imperceptible as they are fixed with help of special equipment, a flat tip and heavy-duty equipment).

Fencing – is a fine alternative to fitness (because an emotional background in a combination with a moderate loading and a special suit allows to lower weight and to get the excellent physical form in some times faster) or a new way to get acquaintance - fencing perfectly approaches both for men, and for women, and, women quite often leave winners. Do not trust!?

Be convinced. Also do not search to itself for excuses supposedly there is no time or age is not that, and simply come into a gym, put on a special suit from a strong snow-white fabric, a leather glove, a black mask from a strong iron material, take in a hand a real sports sword.

Each interested person can come and try itself to duels!

The club is opened every Saturday and Sunday from 16.00 till to 20.00 Our address - Kalinovskogo street, 111(there are swimming-pool and sauna in the building)